Named Lectures

1983    Rouse Ball lecture, Cambridge

1987    Bakerian Lecturer, Royal Society.

1988    Elliott Montroll Memorial Lecture, Leiden.

1988    Vikram Sarabhai lectures, Ahmedabad

1988   Loeb Lectures, Harvard

1989    Friday Evening Discourse, Royal Institution

1989    Racah Memorial Lecture, Weizmann Institute

1989    Margaret B Hays Lectures, Pittsburgh

1991    De Shalit Memorial Lecture, Weizmann Institute

1991    Welsh Lecture, Toronto

1991    Segrè Memorial Lecture, Berkeley

1992    Feshbach Lectures, Massachusetts Institiute of Technology

1992    Fields Distinguished Lectures, Waterloo

1992    Sargent Lecture, Kingston

1993    Walker-Ames Lectures, Seattle

1993    S Town Stephenson Distinguished Lecture, Pullman

1993    Schrödinger Lecture (Imperial College)

1993    President of physics section, British Association for the Advancement of Science

1993    Wood Memorial Lecture, Newcastle

1994    Racah Memorial lecture, Jerusalem

1994-2000    A.D. White visiting Professor-at-Large, Cornell University

1995    G C Steward Visiting Fellow, Gonville and Caius College (January-June)

1995    Child Health Christmas Lecture, Bristol

1997    Andrejewski Lectures, Berlin and Leipzig

1997    Joseph Ford Memorial Lecture, Atlanta

1997    Eliott Montroll Memorial Lectures, Rochester (New York)

1997    Founders day lecture, Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics, Pune

1997    Distinguished Visiting Professor, Texas A & M University

1997    Donegall Lectures, Trinity College Dublin

1997    First V L Shapiro Distinguished Lecture in Mathematics and Lawson Memorial Lecture in Physics, University of California at Riverside

1999    Forder lecturer, New Zealand and London Mathematical Societies

1999    Barut Memorial Lecture, Istanbul Friday Evening Discourse, Royal Institution

2000    W C Williams Lecture, Sheffield

2000    Hubert M James lectures, Purdue (Indiana)

2000    Eugene Feenberg lecture, Washington University of St Louis

2002    Josiah Willard Gibbs Lecture (American Mathematical Society), San Diego

2002    James Scott Prize Lecture (Royal Society of Edinburgh)

2004    Robert Cormack Lecture, Edinburgh

2004    J L Synge Memorial lecture, Dublin

2005    Simons Foundation Distinguished Lecture, State University of New York at Stony Brook

2005    Raymond and Beverley Sackler lecture, Copenhagen

2005    Rochester lecture, Durham

2005    Cochran Lecture, St John’s College, Annapolis

2006    Fröhlich colloquium, Liverpool

2006    National Science Week Lecture, Norwich

2006    Sir Neville Mott Lecture, Loughborough

2007    John Lewis lecture, Birmingham

2007    Dirac Memorial Lecture, Cambridge

2007    Edward L Reiss Memorial lectures, Northwestern University, USA

2007    Kelvin memorial lecture, Glasgow

2009    Ramanujan Lecture, Saha Institute, Kolkata

2009    50th Cherwell-Simon Memorial Lecture, Oxford

2009    Baylor Mathematics Lecture Series, Waco, Texas

2009    Plücker lecture, Bonn

2010    Primakoff lecture, University of Pennsylvania

2010    Sir Michael Atiyah Visiting Professor, Center for Advanced Mathematical Studies, American University, Beirut

2011    Princeton Center for Theoretical Sciences Inaugural lecturer and Hamilton Lecture, Princeton, USA

2011    Bernoulli Lecture, Groningen

2011    Inaugural Marcos Moshinsky Lecture, Cuernavaca

2011    Jentschke Lecture, DESY, Hamburg

2012    10th C T Majumdar Memorial Lecture, S N Bose Institute, Kolkata

2012    Diamond Jublilee Lecture, IIT Kharagpur

2012    Rothschild Lecture, Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge

2013    Inaugural Chia-Chiao Lin Distinguished lecture, Tsinghua University, Beijing

2014     Chemerda Lectures, Pennsylvania State University

2014     Hofstadter Lectures, Stanford University

2015     Sir David Wallace Lecture, Loughborough University

2015    Inaugural Alexander Pines lecture, University of California Berkeley

2015    Lectio Magistralis, Accademia delle Scienze di Torino

2015    Annual Engineering Lecture, celebrating 125 years of electrical sciences at the          University of Bangor

2015    R V Jones lecture, Aberdeen

2016    Sir Gareth Roberts Lecture, Durham

2016    J E Moyal Lecture, Macquarie University

2017    Abdus Salam Lectures, International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste

2017    Lorentz Celebration Lectures, Haarlem and Arnhem

2018    Loeb Lecture, Harvard

2018   Wigner lecture, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

2018   Joseph Ford Memorial Lecture, Georgia Institute of Technology

2018   Heilborn Lectures, Northwestern University

2018   Chandrasekhar lectures, ICTS Bangalore

2018   Hooke lecture, Oxford

2018   Christmas  Mathematics lecture, Loughborough

2019   Higgs lecture, King’s College London

2019   M N Saha Memorial Lecture, Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science,    Kolkata

2019   Institute Lecture, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur

2019   Lise Meitner Distinguished lecture, Stockholm