Editorial and Committee Work

1980-1983    Founder member of editorial board of European Journal of Physics

1985-1987    Founder member of Science Research Council’s Nonlinear Systems Panel

1986-1998    Founder member of Scientific Advisory Committee, Bristol Exploratory

1988-1993    Founder member of editorial board of Nonlinearity

1989-1992    Founder chairman of Royal Society’s Small Grants Scheme (Board A)

1989-1999    Founder member  of Scientific Steering Committee,  Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

1994-present    Member  of editorial board of Journal of Physics A

1996-2001    Founder member  of Scientific Steering Committee of BRIMS (Hewlett-Packard Basic Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences

1998-2003    Board of Electors, Lucasian Professorship (Cambridge)

1998-2001    Member of Royal Society Physical Sciences Awards Committee

1998-2004    Founder Member of European Postdoctoral Institute Committee

1999-2011    Founder Member of Editorial Board of Digital Library of Mathematical Functions project (Washington)

1999-2012    Adams Prize Committee (Cambridge)

1999-2004    Founder member of National Advisory Board of Isaac Newton Institute (Cambridge)

1999-2004    Advisory Board of Fox Talbot museum of photography (Chairman)

2000-present    Board of Governors, Weizmann Institute, Israel

2002-2009    Council of the British Association for the Advancement of Science

2003-2005    Chairman of Conference IoP2005:  a century after Einstein

2006-2012    Editor, Proceedings A of the Royal Society

2008-2010    Member of Council of the Royal Society

2009-2011    Member of Scientific Advisory Committee of Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics

2010-present    Advisory Committee of International Institute for Physics, Natal, Brazil

2012-present    Member of Institute for Quantum Studies, Chapman University USA

2014-present   Advisory Committee of Harvard Center for Mathematical Sciences and Applications