PhD Students

Ph.D Students

Anthony Enfield, 1972 – A semiclassical approach to HEED

Katherine Mount, 1972 – Scattering cross sections in the semiclassical limit

Alfredo Ozorio de Almeida 1973 – The theory of cross-grating electron diffraction

Bernard Buxton 1974 – The elastic scattering of fast electrons by crystals

Michael Tabor 1976 (unofficial student) – On the semiclassical limit of the quantal energy spectrum

Francis Wright 1977 – Wavefield singularities :a caustic tale of dislocation and catastrophe

Colin Upstill 1979 – Catastrophe optics and caustic networks

Zinaida Lewis 1982 – Quantising fine scale classical structure

Philip Richens 1982 – Pseudointegrable systems

Michael Wilkinson 1984 – Bloch electrons in a magnetic field

Jenny Nelson 1988 – Optics of fractal clusters :with reference to soot

Raul Mondragon 1988 – Degeneracy and phase

Jonathan Keating 1989 – Semiclassical Properties of the Cat Maps

Christopher Howls 1991 – Exponential asymptotics

Paul Boasman 1993 – Semiclassical accuracy for Billiards

Richard Lim 1993 – Asymptotics revealed through adiabatic quantum evolution (and vice versa)

Euan Sinclair 1995 – Geometric reaction forces in billiards

Duncan O’Dell 1998 – The diffraction of atoms by light.

Mark Dennis 2002 – Topological Singularities in Wave Fields

Michael Jeffrey 2007 – Conical Diffraction: Complexifying Hamilton’s Diabolical Legacy